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Urgent Care Center Spring Hill Office Staff – the behind the Scenes Secret to Success

dot physical in spring hill Urgent Care Center Spring Hill

If you have ever been to a doctor’s office, then you know that there is more to high quality patient treatment than just medical care. Besides having a good doctor, the office staff are an essential component of providing a good-quality all-round positive experience. Put simply, a well-run office can make all the difference between a heavenly walk-in and a nightmare you never want to repeat!

Why do the office staff in doctors’ offices matter?

Office staff are vital to the smooth and effective running of almost everything in a doctor’s office. The degree to which they do their job well has effects across the board. Unfortunately, it’s one of those jobs where usually their work is only noticed when something goes wrong. For example, double-booked appointment, long-waiting times, a lack of medical supplies, and an unwelcoming greeting or telephone manner – these are some of the things you may notice in certain doctor’s offices which do not place value on the important of office staff.

Conversely, at Lifeguard Urgent Care in Spring Hill, we recognize the vital role which office staff play. We train our office staff to ensure easy scheduling, short wait times, efficient back-end ordering of supplies and follow-up of medical records, plus all of this offered with a warm and friendly approach. All these things together – combined with high quality physicians and medical staff – lead to an excellent all-round level of care for patients.

Lifeguard Urgent Care Center Spring Hill – who are the office staff?

Lead by Rosana Dillon – perhaps the most efficient (yet friendly) office manager in Hernando County – the office staff always receive positive feedback from patients about not just the level of medical care offered at Lifeguard, but also the all-round care provided by the whole team. It is this team-based approach which perhaps has explained Lifeguard’s growing reputation as one of the most preferred urgent care centers in Spring Hill and the surrounding area.


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