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What is the difference between urgent care and primary care?

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When you or a family member gets sick or hurt you want a doctor. And you want it fast. Such a situation can be stressful and worrying. One thing is clear, you want the best and quickest solution, but… what are the possibilities?

Primary care, urgent care, or emergency care?

Primary care is the treatment you will receive from a primary care physician (PCP), also called family doctor. A PCP is a doctor you select to be your general source for treating your regular health care needs.

Good urgent care centers employ highly qualified doctors for the treatment of cuts, sprains, sinus problems, nausea, muscular pain and other types of medical conditions which are not life-threatening emergencies. You don’t need an appointment to visit an urgent care center and they often offer a wider range of opening hours than primary care centers, usually 7 days per week. However, it is important to be aware that urgent care does not replace emergency care. In case of an emergency you should call 911. Urgent care centers are a convenient option when your PCP doctor is unavailable, unable to make a timely appointment, or when you require medical attention for an acute, but not necessarily life-threatening emergency.

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Urgent Care Spring Hill – Where can I find urgent care in Spring Hill?

If you live in Hernando County and you are looking for a highly ranked and, at the same time, affordable urgent care center in Spring Hill, you should consider Lifeguard Urgent Care. As the leading urgent care Spring Hill, Lifeguard Urgent Care center offers treatment for all non-life threatening conditions. Lifeguard Urgent Care center is also fully equipped to perform onsite diagnostics. With no appointments required, our experienced board certified physicians (both on site at the urgent care in Spring Hill, as well as online) are ready to provide immediate diagnosis and treatment to make you and your love ones feel better. Our professionals have many years of experience treating both complex and simple urgent care conditions in the Spring Hill area. We are open for you 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. We cover most of medical insurance. You don’t have any? Don’t worry. Our clear and transparent pricing policy will not lead you to any unpleasant surprise.

Our goal at Lifeguard Urgent Care is to evaluate and treat your injury or condition in under an hour. For more information about our Urgent Care Spring Hill, please contact us.

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