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Possible Reasons for Your Ear Pain

If you have been suffering from ear pain, you’re not alone. Ear pain, medically known as otalgia, is a common complaint among patients and usually goes away on its own without the need for medical treatment. However, if your ear pain is accompanied by other more serious symptoms, you might need to seek medical help from Lifeguard Urgent Care Spring Hill walk-in clinic right away.

Take note that the ears have complicated anatomy that makes hearing possible. Therefore, the manifestations of ear pain vary in every patient as well. Some patients may experience ear pain in one ear, which is more common, or in both ears. The pain may range from mild to severe, and intermittent to constant. It may be aching, burning, dull, or sharp, depending on the cause and the affected part of the ear. 

Temporary Causes of Ear Pain

Changes in air pressure

Your ears are sensitive to both water and air pressure. It can maintain balanced air pressure within and outside of the eardrum fairly well. However, changes in altitude like when riding on an airplane or elevator can create a quick change in air pressure that can result in ear pain.

You might also experience a clogged-up feeling in your ears that leads to poor hearing. To prevent this, you can swallow, yawn, or chew gum. You can also blow air out of your nose gently while pinching your nostrils to balance out the pressure of air in your ears.

Earwax build-up

Impacted wax occurs when earwax builds up and hardens. When you can’t get it out, it can block your ear canal and cause ear pain and itchiness in the affected ear. In some instances, you can also lose hearing.

You can remove impacted ear wax at home using over-the-counter ear drops and a cleaning kit. Do not use cotton swabs, as they can push the wax further inside your ear canal. If this doesn’t help, visit Lifeguard Urgent Care Spring Hill walk-in clinic and let our doctors do it for you.

Ear Infection

Otitis media and otitis externa are the two most common causes of ear pain that originate from inside the ear. Otitis media refers to the infection and inflammation of the middle ear and is commonly seen in children.

Otitis externa, on the other hand, refers to the infection and inflammation of the external ear. It is also called swimmer’s ear, as prolonged exposure to water predisposes the ears to bacterial and fungal infection.

To manage and treat an ear infection, you need to visit a doctor immediately. Delaying medical treatment can lead to the development of complications such as hearing loss, meningitis, and malignant otitis externa.

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