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What is an online urgent care? How can I see a doctor online?

Perhaps you have heard of the concept of “online urgent care” or “seeing a doctor online” before. Or perhaps it’s a totally new concept for you. Either way, it’s a growing trend, as more and more patients are choosing to ‘attend’ their next doctor’s appointment online. This article aims to outline what exactly online urgent care is and how patients can go about scheduling their next appointment online.

What is an online urgent care?

Online urgent care is a way for patients to get access to doctors online from the comfort of their own sofa (or bed!) The physician and patient meet online as if it were a regular patient visit with the only difference being that the patient has the convenience of not having to leave their own home. There are also many other advantages to online urgent care appointments, including:

  • Access to providers even when they’re out of town
  • No long drives, no waiting room, no time off from work, no babysitters
  • Follow ups can be handled quickly and efficiently
  • Allows for earlier diagnoses and treatment

It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is a far more affordable option than going to your local Emergency Room.evisit3

How can I see a doctor online?

Scheduling your next online appointment is actually very simple. Appointments can be scheduled from our website by clicking here and then on “Make a Telemedicine Appointment.” The first time you register you will be asked to provide some basic information, but the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Once registered, your next online urgent care appointment will be even quicker to schedule – so much easier than all the forms and paperwork a regular doctor’s appointment requires!

If you have any additional questions about online urgent care appointments with our online doctor, please Contact Us.e-visit2