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What do you need to know about school physical exam in Spring Hill?

physical exam in spring hill

As you knowit is wise to get your annual physical because it checks your general health and identifies any medical problems that may be an issue in the future. Moreover since its important for adultswhy wouldnt it be essential for your children as wellespecially taking into consideration how much your child changes over the course of a year. A school physical exam in Spring Hill will update you on your kid’s health, development, and growth. As well as eliminate or detect any potential medical conditions that with time might become serious.

Below we are answering the most frequently asked questions about school physical exams in Spring Hill. If we have not addressed not only any of your questions but also concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly staff is always happy to help you.

Is a school physical exam absolutely necessary for kids?

Whether or not an annual school physical is required depends on state and school itself. Sometimes it’s your choice if your child will get his/her exam. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage all parents to set up an appointment for their offspring every year. It’s an opportunity for the parents to ensure their children are developing appropriately. Have no underlying health issues, and all their vaccines are updated. Bear in mind that schools in different states have different vaccination requirements. Besides, regular physical exams are a great way of building your child’s medical history.

Why do schools require annual physicals?

Those schools that require a school physical exam always want to make sure that the children are protected against any serious diseases that might be a threat to other students, their friends, etc.

What examinations are required by schools?

Each state has its own requirements as for the level of physical examIn Floridaeach yearstarting from kindergarten and finishing on the 12th grade, all students have to get a school physical exam. Even though there is no specific document that needs to be submitted, the state does recommend a School Entry Exam form that has to be filled out by the physicianIn Florida, students must also provide an immunization records while enrolling in the school.

Between kindergarten and the 12th gradeit is required for students to be vaccinated against the following in the state of Florida:

  • DTaPat least four doses
  • MMRtwo doses
  • Varicellaat least two doses
  • Hep Bthree doses
  • IPVat least four doses
  • Tdapwhich must be completed by the seventh grade1

During the school physical exam in Spring Hill, we always make sure that your child gets all the shots they need.

When is the ideal time to schedule a school physical exam in Spring Hill?

The best time to schedule your child’s physical is before the next academic year begins. Most of our young patients who get their school physical exam in Spring Hill visit us in Summer. However, since some camps may require submitting your kids’ physical. We encourage you to set up an appointment for your children in Spring. Although don’t delay until the last month before school because that is the busiest period and slots tend to fill up very fast.


How to prepare your child for his/her school physical exam in Spring Hill?

First of all, talk to your child. Explain to them what does the exam look like (tell them about how the physician will check their eyes, ears, blood pressure, weight, height, etc.). Let them know about the immunizations they will receive. And finally ask them if they have been experiencing any pain or discomfort lately. And make sure to bring that up during the visit.  The more your child knows about the exam, the less stress the appointment will cause. Second of all, think whether you have noticed anything odd about your child’s health condition. List all the over-the-counter medications they are taking. And don’t forget to mention any changes in your family medical history to the doctor.

What’s the difference between school and sports physical?

The main difference between those two is their purpose. Sports physicals are mainly aimed at injury prevention. Moreover based on the results of the exam. The physician will determine whether or not a student is eligible to play a particular sport. Without risking any health issues related to heart, lungs, etc. Apart from evaluating overall health and ability to perform, our physician may also give you some tips on how to avoid getting injuredWhereas, school physicals, as mentioned before, focus on more issues than just a child’s capability of participating in sports.

However where should I take my child for their school physical exam in Spring Hill?

Don’t delay with your children’s annual school physical. Make sure that your beloved young ones are healthy and able to fully enjoy their school year. At LifeGuard Urgent Care your kids’ health is our top priority. Schedule an appointment today or give us a call if you have any questions.

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