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Neck Strain After an Auto Accident: What to Do?

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Automotive companies have been investing funds and resources to improve the quality, design, features, and safety of their products. Cars on the market today are a whole lot safer than cars 30 years ago.

However, despite having safer cars and stricter traffic rules, auto accidents are still the reason behind 2.35 million injuries and disabilities in the United States every year. While often predictable and preventable, data from the Association for Safe International Road Travel reveals that there are still more than 37,000 Americans who die in road traffic accidents annually.

Although patients who were involved in a car accident have the liberty to choose whether they want medical attention for their injuries or not, the former is still highly encouraged.

For life-threatening injuries, patients must be brought to the nearest capable emergency department straight away. On the other hand, patients with non-life threatening injuries are best brought to the attention of a car accident doctor in Spring Hill.

Why Neck Strain Occurs in Auto Accidents

Neck strain is just one of the many injuries that patients may sustain when they’re involved in a car accident. This is often called whiplash and happens when the neck is forcefully jerked forward and backward following a strong impact. The sudden blow will cause the muscles and tendons in the neck to stretch and tear.

Neck strain and neck sprain are not the same. While neck strain affects the neck muscles and tendons, neck sprain affects the ligaments.

Signs and Symptoms of Neck Strain

According to our auto injury doctor in Spring Hill, the following signs and symptoms may suggest a neck strain:

  • Neck tenderness
  • Headache that starts from the base of the skull and extends to the forehead
  • Neck stiffness and decreased range of motion
  • Neck pain when moving the head in any direction

The onset of neck pain may be gradual or sudden. Moreover, neck strain can be associated with other head injuries such as a concussion. To rule out other injuries, our car accident doctor in Spring Hill will have to perform a thorough medical and physical examination as well as order scans and tests.

How to Recover From a Neck Strain

Here are some tips that could help you recover faster from neck strain:

  • Apply a cold compress on your neck to relieve pain and decrease swelling
  • Take pain killers as advised by our auto injury doctor in Spring Hill
  • Wear a neck brace to support your head while your neck is healing

Where to Find the Best Car Accident Doctor in Spring Hill?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it is highly recommended that you get yourself checked by a qualified doctor. At Lifeguard Urgent Care, the waiting time is minimized compared to ER rooms. The consultation and treatment are guaranteed to be affordable, compared to exorbitant amounts on hospital bills. For more information, call us at (352) 515-6000.

car accident doctor Spring Hill


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