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Different Types of Headaches, Part 1

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When to Visit your Spring Hill Urgent Care Center About Your Migraine

There are many different types of headaches. Most of the time, a headache means your body it tired and needs rest, or that you are dehydrated and you can simply get rid of it by an increase in your daily fluids intake. However, some kind of headaches may require a visit to the doctor’s office as they can be symptoms of a more serious conditions. In this article, we will describe the three major categories of headaches and explain when is a good time to see Spring Hill Urgent Care a doctor about it.

1. Tension Headaches

Tension headache is knows as a most common type of headache. It involves the pain radiating from the neck, eyes, lower back of the head and it usually affects both sides of the head. When asked to describe the symptoms, patients often talk about experiencing the feeling of constant pressure and usually an accompanying pain in the neck or shoulders. It is believed that women are slightly more prone to tension headaches than men are1. Most commonly, the pain is mild to moderate, with rare severe cases2. It lasts from a few hours up to a few days and is caused by a variety of different factors, including stress, lack of sleep, the weather and dehydration. As far as the treatment goes, the pain usually goes away by itself as long as take care of our water intake and quality of our sleep/rest. Aspirin and ibuprofen can also be effective in this type of headaches.   

2. Migraine Headaches

Unlike tension headaches, migraines typically affect one side of the head and instead of the contact pressure, patients describe a painful pulsating that gets worse with time. Other typical symptoms of a migraine include (but are not limited to) seeing spots or flickering lights, sensitivity to light and noise, insomnia, throbbing, pain in the eyes or neck, possible nausea or even trouble speaking and double vision3. The pain typically occurs for a couple hours up to a few days. Patients who struggle with migraines on regular basis are encouraged to seek help from a physician who can help relieve the pain. In our Spring Hill Urgent Care Center we provide specific treatment for various kind of headaches, including migraines. If you think you might be suffering from it, make sure to come by our center where our doctors will provide you with the most effective treatment options.

3. Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches in the least common category of headaches. It involves severe pain on one side of the head, usually around the eye. The symptoms accompanying the cluster headache are watery eyes, a blocked or runny nose as well as swelling and redness of both eyes and nose. Although the pain is quite severe, it usually only lasts from 30 minutes to 3 hours, but it’s possible for the pain to occur repeatedly over some period of time. Not much is known about cluster headaches, so they are difficult to prevent or treat, but there are ways to manage the pain in an urgent care or hospital settings, which may include oxygen, nerve stimulation, steroid injections and other techniques. It is essential for the patient to seek professional help if they suspect their headache can be categorized as ‘severe’ or ‘excruciating’. In our Spring Hill Urgent Care Center we provide the right care right when you need it, with no unnecessary waiting time. There’s no reason for you to suffer – just walk in for quick, convenient, expert care at our Spring Hill Urgent Care.

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