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What’s Up Doc Series – Flu Season Update – NEW!

flu shot spring hill

Every true history must force us to remember, that the past was once as real as the present and as uncertain as the future

G.M. Trevelyan 1862-1962

Did you know its been 100 years since the devastating flu pandemic of 1918-1919? It was caused by a H1N1 virus of avian variety. There is no consensus on the origin of the virus, however it was first identified in the United States with infected military personnel in the spring of 1918.
The estimates are about 500 million people infected worldwide (1/3 of world population) with the number of deaths approaching 50 million. In the U.S., about 675,000 people died from the flu.
Fast forward 100 years, 2019, and we now have vaccines, anti-viral medication, and advanced medical surveillance, diagnositcs, and treatment to prevent another Flu apocalypse that the world experienced in 1918-1919.

Still not too late to Vaccinate!

FLORIDA FLU UPDATE 1/12/2019 Week 2
  • Activity decreased in week 2 similar to past seasons;
  • Most counties including Hernando, Citrus, and Pasco reported mild activity;
  • The best news, no new Pediatric associated deaths;
  • Its not too late to vaccinate for the 2018-2019 season, however the window is closing and supplies are declining. This is even more important if you are planning on travelling to high activity states (New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania);
  • Please continue your everyday precautions!
Stay Healthy My Friends!
Doc Scott
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Spring Hill Urgent Care – Don’t let the flu ruin your New Year’s resolutions and plans!

flu shot spring hill

The Holiday Season is always full of joy, preparations, family reunions, and gingerbread cookies. Near Year’s resolutions kick in soon after but we all need to stay in a good health in order to make those resolutions materialize. However, for some people this season means dealing with the flu and its nagging symptoms, such as fatigue, chills, fever, sneezing, or body ache. Who would like to go through all that during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year? In today’s article, we are sharing some useful tips about several things you can do to avoid getting the flu, and enjoy a fruitful and prosperous start to 2018! 

Get a flu shot in Spring Hill

The first thing you should definitely consider to prevent the flu is getting a flu shot. It is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control that everyone above the age of 6 months should get it. About two weeks after receiving the shot, your immune system will begin producing antibodies in the blood that are meant to give you protection against the types of flu viruses that were present in the shot. Please keep in mind that there are certain groups of people who are more at risk for getting a flu than others, e,g. pregnant women, anybody with chronic medical conditions (asthma, cancer, kidney disease, or HIV/Aids), people over 50 years of age, health care staff, Native Americans / Alaska Natives, etc.

If you are wondering where to get a flu shot in Spring Hill, swing by LifeGuard Urgent Care where we will give you the shot immediately.

Keep your environment clean

Whether or not you decide to get a flu shot in Spring Hill, there are a few other things you can do to avoid getting sick. One of them is keeping your environment clean. It doesn’t matter if it’s home, work, gym or school, below you will find a few examples of what you can do to make sure your surrounding is germfree:

  •     Make it a routine to disinfect those surfaces that are touched a lot;
  •     Get rid of any clutter that may collect dust and dirt;
  •     Clean keyboards, and phones;
  •     Sanitize your desk and doorknobs especially if you work with a person who is currently sick;
  •     If you work out, don’t use germy mats;

Clean your hands

Even though you can’t see them, there are hundreds of germs on your hands from touching things. You should wash your hands often and properly with soap for at least 20 seconds. This is important especially when you have contagious people around you who decided to come to work instead of recovering at home. If you don’t have time to constantly go to the bathroom to wash your hands, you can use an easier solution and purchase tiny hand sanitizers that will fit in your purse, or a backpack. Hand sanitizers come in many different scents and colors, and they make a perfect stocking filler!

Don’t get too close

There are some people who will never miss a day of work unless they are absolutely dying. Even the flu is not able to discourage them from coming in. Stay as far as possible from such co-workers because they are highly contagious and, as you may expect, they spread their virus. Try to avoid shaking people’s hands as they transfer tremendous amount of the flu germs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

We always educate our patients on a number of precautions they should take to avoid getting sick. There are many more things they can do to prevent the seasonal flu than mentioned in this article, such as: cover their mouth and nose, sip on some tea or natural juices, or get enough sleep, etc. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage everyone to get their flu shot in Spring Hill as soon as possible. That is definitely the very first step that should be taken to protect themselves.

Contact Us to schedule your flu shot in Spring Hill todayor simply drop in!

Our Medical Team at LifeGuard Urgent Care wish you a happy and HEALTHY 2018!


Flu Shots – Good preparation is the key to success

Flu shots spring hill

Most people find themselves getting the flu at least once a year. If you’re one of them, you know how exhausting and frustrating having the flu can be. It not only makes you feel awful, but it’s also a complete waste of time – time you could spend with your family or doing other things that make you happy. Don’t worry – there are simple ways to boost your immune system and prevent getting the flu. Here are 3 things you can do today to help ward off the flu in the future:

1. Take vitamin D

Vitamin D is one way to help give your body and immune system the boost it needs. Its deficiency has been directly linked to being susceptible to the flu1. Before boosting your immune system with a flu shot Spring Hill apply these tips to get more vitamin D:

1) Taking supplements – you can easily get your recommended daily allowance of vitamin D by taking supplements. If you do, make sure you go for D3, as it is the most assimilable.

2) More sun exposure – sunshine is the best source of vitamin D, so try to be in a sun for at least a few minutes a day. However, that being said, be careful not to expose yourself to the potential negative side effects, such as sunstroke or even skin cancer etc.

2. Get enough sleep

Sometimes the most simple answer is the best one. Sleep is perhaps one of the best remedies for most ailments, including the flu. Your body needs at least 7 hours of sleep to be able to rest, and if you ignore that, your immune system won’t be able to fight the viruses responsible for developing the flu.

3. Flu Shot Spring Hill

A flu shot is the best investment in your health and the simplest way to keep the flu away from you. If you decide to get the flu shot, Lifeguard Urgent Care – a leading urgent care center in Spring Hill – offers a quick and convenient ‘drop-in’ option for flu shots. You can simply swing by whenever you have some spare time and get your flu shot. The process is all very quick, easy, and straightforward.

Lifeguard Urgent Care is located on 491 Mariner Blvd. in Spring Hill and is open 8am to 8pm everyday (including Saturdays and Sundays!). We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Flu Shot Spring Hill – Read More.

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Flu shot Spring Hill – where can I get a flu shot in Spring Hill and how much does it cost?

Flu Shot Spring Hill

If you still haven’t yet had your flu shot, it’s not too late! For anyone interested in getting a flu shot, you probably have two main questions on your mind: Firstly, where can I get a flu shot in Hernando County? Secondly, how much does it cost? Perhaps you’re also even wondering what flu is and how a flu shot actually works! This blog post aims to cover the basics for you, so that you know everything you need to know about getting your flu shot.

Where can I get a flu shot in Spring Hill?

Lifeguard Urgent Care – a leading urgent care center in Spring Hill – offers a quick and convenient ‘drop-in’ option for flu shots. You can simply swing by whenever you have some spare time and get your flu shot. The process is all very quick, easy, and straightforward. Lifeguard Urgent Care is located on 491 Mariner Blvd. in Spring Hill and is open 8am to 8pm everyday (including Saturdays and Sundays!)

How much does a flu shot cost?

Lifeguard Urgent Care only charges a small amount per flu shot. We are sure you’ll agree that it’s a price well worth paying if it means avoiding getting the flu! Plus the center accepts all major insurances. See a full list of insurances and pricing.

What is ‘the flu’?

‘The flu’ is otherwise known as ‘influenza’, which is considered a serious disease and can even sometimes result in death. The Center for Disease Control estimates that in 2010 there were up to 710,000 people hospitalized as a direct result of influenza (CDC 2016). The flu season starts around October and ends in May. So right now – the middle of winter – is when rates of infection can be highest.

How does a flu shot work?

About two weeks after receiving a flu shot, it creates antibodies in the blood. These antibodies help fight against infection, thus greatly reducing the chances of contracting influenza (CDC 2016). There are several strains of influenza, but most flu vaccines made these days are designed to protect against the most common strains (e.g. H1N1 and H3N2).

Flu shot Spring Hill – Read More.

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