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3 First Aid Tips from Lifeguard Urgent Care – the leading Spring Hill urgent care center

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First Aid can save your life. It is absolutely vital that everyone knows the basic activities they can perform in order to help someone before the professional help arrives. Those first few minutes can determine whether the person lives or dies. Here are some tips from our Spring Hill Urgent Care specialists that will significantly increase your chances of helping someone in need.

1. Spring Hill Urgent Care Center – Unresponsive/Not breathing

If you see someone lying unconscious, before jumping into potential danger, first check for any risks and call out to the person to see if they respond. If they do not respond, you now need to check if their airway is obstructed and if they are breathing. The easiest way to do that is first look for any visible blockages – and assuming there are none – then put your ear next to the person’s lips and simultaneously observe their body (chest and abdomen) for movement. If you can’t feel any breathing, immediately contact 911 before you proceed with first aid. Once you make sure the help is on the way, you can proceed with CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). A universal compression to ventilation ratio of 30:2 is recommended by the AHA1, which stands for 2 breaths for every 30 chest compressions.

First aid

2. Spring Hill Urgent Care Center – Choking

Choking occurs when a foreign object is stuck in the person’s throat and blocks the airflow, making it impossible to breath. Red Cross recommends a “five-and-five” approach to delivering first aid:

  • 5 back blows – use the heel of your hand to deliver 5 back blows between the shoulder blades
  • 5 abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) – stand behind the person, lock your arms around their abdomen and exert pressure on the bottom of the diaphragm.

Alternate between 5 blows and 5 thrusts until the blockage is dislodged.

3. Urgent Care Spring Hill – Bleeding

When you spot someone bleeding, there are a couple things you can do to stop the blood from flowing heavily which will give the patient time to get to the nearest urgent care center or ER. First, locate the wound. Is it’s on the person’s arm or leg, lift it above the heart level, which will help slow down the bleeding. Take a clean cloth on top of the wound and apply pressure. Keep the pressure until the bleeding stops or until you get to the nearest urgent care center/ER.

Knowing the above tips can help you save someone’s life. Please note that all of the above instructions have one thing in common – getting professional help. If you can, get to the nearest Spring Hill urgent care center / ER as soon as possible, otherwise call 911 and keep up with the first aid routines described above until the help arrives.

Lifeguard Urgent Care is a team of outstanding, dedicated healthcare professionals – Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses and Lab Technicians – all so the Lifeguard Urgent Care Center can deliver the best immediate care when you need it most. Physical exams & treatment, lab testing and full digital X-ray services are available without an appointment and with little or no waiting. If you have any questions, Contact Us today.


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