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What are the benefits of employment physicals?

employment physical in Spring Hill

Finding the best employee for a particular position is not a simple task. Sometimes, having high qualifications, experience and the right skill set are not enough. Many employers have started using an employment physical in order to find out if a candidate is physically able to meet the demands of the job and perform the necessary duties. Surprisingly, employers are not the only ones who benefit from employment physicals. In today’s article, you will find out who benefits from these tests as well as where to go to get your employment physical in Spring Hill.

Why is an employment physical conducted?

More and more workplaces require job applicants to take a pre-employment exam. The purpose of this exam is to confirm that a potential employee is in good physical shape and will be able to perform the responsibilities of their job without the risk of getting hurt. It is also considered to be a good risk management practice that focuses on ensuring the safety of the employee and his/her colleagues. Some employers require employees to undergo this test on a regular basis.

Benefits for employers

Employers benefit from employment physicals for multiple reasons. First, a healthy employee is more productive, motivated, and willing to work. Besides this, the physical eliminates candidates who will not be able to physically stand the requirements of a specific job, which increases the productivity even more and at the same time reduces potential workers’ compensation costs for the employer. 

Benefits for employees

Future employees also benefit from undergoing employment physicals. These exams give them a chance to educate themselves on their own health. They may find out that there is an underlying health issue, allowing them to address it at an early stage. Thanks to it, there is a high likelihood that they will recover sooner and that the condition won’t become a serious medical problem in the future. In addition, these tests provide a clear picture of what the candidates’ physical abilities are. Based on the results, they may decide whether or not they are still interested in the job offer.

Employment physical in Spring Hill

LifeGuard Urgent Care has extensive experience in conducting employment physicals in Spring Hill. Whenever you are in the process of hiring new employees, you can rely on our assistance! Our professional medical team will help you determine whether any of the candidates has an underlying health condition as well as make sure that they will not be a threat to other employees’ well-being while on duty. For your convenience, we accept patients with no appointment necessary, seven days per week! Contact us if you have any questions. We also encourage you to visit our website to learn about other services provided at our Spring Hill walk in clinic.