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How To Prepare For Your DOT Physical

DOT physical Hernando County

According to state law, all commercial drivers in Florida are required to take the Department of Transportation (DOT) health exam every 24 months. The required fitness test determines whether a person is fit to safely operate a commercial vehicle. Drivers who successfully pass their DOT physicals receive a DOT card valid for two years and are permitted to operate a commercial vehicle. The whole DOT physical examination is a quick process, at the same time, it is also critically important.

To help you better prepare for your DOT health examination. DOT physical in Hernando County will be providing you with information about the things you should prepare before your DOT physicals.

  • Lay off energy drinks and coffee for 24 hours before your scheduled DOT physical

Caffeinated drinks have the capacity to raise your blood pressure, which will result in being permanently restricted or disqualified. For instance, the normal blood pressure is 120/80, if it becomes higher than that approximately 140/90 the results of your DOT health exam will not turn out good. Therefore, be prepared by avoiding caffeinated drinks or stimulants such as coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks and certain cold and allergy medications.

  • Limit your salt intake a week before your DOT exam

Too much salt intake can elevate your blood pressure. The main sources of salt are: processed foods, salty meats such as ham, bacon and sausages, chips and canned goods. A week before your DOT physical, those are the foods you should avoid to prevent having high blood pressure.

  • Get a good night sleep and wake up early so you don’t feel rushed

Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before your DOT physical so you feel relaxed. If you arrive at the facility feeling rushed, tired or even fatigued, it can hugely affect your health as well as your blood pressure.

  • Take all your usual medications as soon as you wake up in the morning

This is very important, especially for individuals with diabetes and hypertension. A missed dose of your blood pressure medication may result in elevated blood pressure that may occur during the DOT exam. Also, remember to bring all your medications in their original bottles to show the doctor.

DOT physical Hernando County

  • Avoid eating big meals before your DOT physical

This is very important, especially with individuals who have diabetes. Having a large meal before your DOT physical triggers a spilling of sugar in your urine test which may result in abnormal urinalysis. Thus, eat something that is light and healthy.

Also,don’t forget to drink plenty of cold water to be well hydrated and so you can provide urine specimen, doing so also lowers your blood pressure.

  • Come to your DOT physical appointment prepared

Before your DOT physical examination appointment make sure you have all the proper documents with you, including your medical report history and a list of our current medications or prescriptions. You should also arrive wearing your eyeglasses or lenses for the eye test.

Following the tips listed above and maintaining a positive attitude will allow you to have a pleasant experience during your DOT physical examination.

If you still have a question or concern that we didn’t address, talk to our professional staff to find out more about a DOT physical in Hernando County. Our highly-trained staff will happily walk you through a DOT physical exam and make sure that it’s as stress-free as possible. We value our patients and will make sure that you won’t get wrongly disqualified. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

DOT physical Hernando County

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