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DOT physical in Spring Hill

dot physical in spring hill Urgent Care Center Spring Hill

According to the state law, all commercial drivers in Florida are required to take the Department of Transportation health exam. Once they successfully pass it, they can keep their DOT card for the next two years. And are allowed to operate a commercial vehicle. Since people’s careers are at stake, a DOT physical is usually a stressful experience. We do understand that many people are often afraid of the unknown, and in order to help you avoid becoming one of them, below you will find some useful information about what does a DOT physical in Spring Hill look like, what to anticipate and how to prepare yourself before coming in. However, you don’t have to worry any longer that you will be taken by surprise by some mysterious or complicated procedure.  

DOT physical in Spring Hill – We answer most frequent questions asked by our patients

DOT physical is a tool determining whether or not a driver’s health condition is sufficient enough for him / her to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely, without posing a threat to other road users. As we have mentioned before, the exam is mandatory and the future drivers cannot skip it. In fact, it’s strictly forbidden to drive without a valid DOT card. If you’re going to take a DOT physical exam in the near future, you might have already browsed the internet searching for the answers to your niggling questions. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Below we are answering most frequent questions regarding a DOT physical in Spring Hill asked by our patients.

1. What does a DOT Physical in Spring Hill contain?

  •       Drivers are required to have at least 20/40 vision acuity in each eye (corrective lenses are accepted) and be able to distinguish colors.
  •       Hearing has to be sufficient to take notice of the forced whisper at a distance of at minimum 5 feet (hearing aids are acceptable).
  •       Blood pressure needs to be lower than 140/90 (high blood pressure medications are accepted).
  •       Insulin dependent do not qualify. Type 2 diabetes have to be followed by their primary doctor and controlled by medication.
  •       Additionally, drivers are tested to look for any neurological impairments or any abnormalities associated with their ears, lungs, throat, heart, abdomen, spine, and extremities.

2. What do drivers need to bring to a DOT physical in Spring Hill?

Drivers are required to bring:

  •       State-issued photo identification  
  •       Contact lenses or eyeglasses if they need them for driving
  •       Hearing aid if they need it for driving
  •       Medical Release Opinion which is a letter from the treating doctor in case they have ever had or still have any medical condition (e.g. seizures, heart surgery, muscular disease, shortness of breath, dizziness, stroke, liver disease, etc.). The document should include the diagnosis, onset date, physician’s name and address, list of medications and any current limitations.

3. Is a DOT card issued for 2 years in each case?

Typically, a DOT card is issued for two years, nevertheless, in some cases the medical examiner may decide to issue only a temporary DOT card valid for a year or less only. This usually happens when the driver has a medical condition which needs to be monitored.

Learn more about a DOT Physical in Spring Hill

Do you still have questions about a DOT physical in Spring Hill?

If you still have a question or concern that we didn’t address, talk to our professional staff. To be sure and find out more about a DOT physical in Spring Hill. Our highly-trained stuff will happily walk you through a DOT physical exam and make sure that it’s as stress-free as possible. We value our patients and will make sure that you won’t get wrongly disqualified. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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