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Spring Hill Urgent Care – What are the most common job-related injuries? Part 1

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Spring Hill Urgent Care – Regardless of who you are, an injured worker, an employer, an adjuster or a risk manager, you know very well that accidents at work are inevitable. Depending on what kind of a job an employee performs, the risk of getting injured varies. For example, a construction worker is far more at risk of falling from a high place than an office worker. Nevertheless, there are many common injuries and accidents that happen across all employment sectors. In today’s article, we are revealing some of the most common job-related injuries that we treat at our Spring Hill Urgent Care.

1.  Slips and falls

Employees who have slipped, tripped, or fallen at their workplace are types of patients we frequently see at our  Spring Hill Urgent Care. They usually hurt themselves by either slipping on the wet and slick floor, or tripping over something lying on it. It is very easy to avoid getting injured. That way simply by making sure that any spillages and leaks are immediately cleaned up. What is equally important is to keep drawers closed to ensure no one will trip over them. The same rule applies to cupboards. They should never be left open as in case any object inside of them falls out and ends up on the floor. This may then cause an employee to stumble over it.

2.  Overexertion

Those injuries result from an excessive physical effort related to lifting, pushing, bending, twisting, pulling, holding, or poor posture. Overexertion injuries most typically affect the wrist, neck, knee, ankle, groin, or shoulder. Learning about the proper lifting, carrying, or moving techniques may greatly decrease the risk of overexertion. Other factors contributing to those types of injuries are fatigue, workload and stress. Overexertion has been reported to be the most expensive workplace injury.

3.  Being hit by falling objects

Objects that either fall from shelves or are dropped by another employee often cause minor injuries such as cuts or abrasions. However, falling debris or collapsing structures may contribute to significant health injuries. These include: concussions, brain damage, paralysis, blindness, or even amputations. Our Spring Hill Urgent Care suggests several solutions to prevent such accidents. For instance, keep a clean worksite, use protective equipment, implement fences or barricades to keep employees out of fall zones, use nets to catch falling objects.

4.  Collisions and crashes

These are injuries which occur when workers get hurt in auto accidents. Such injuries may sometimes result in significant disability, loss of body parts, or amputations, and some of them are unfortunately even fatal. That is why it’s so important for the employer to implement safe driving policies to reduce the number of those accidents. Encouraging employees to do a Safe-Driver training course is another way to prevent such accidents.  

5.  Walking into objects

These types of injuries are quite common. Many employees at some point happen to walk into an object like a door, window, table, chair, etc. Even though they don’t belong to the group of serious life-threatening injuries, they can definitely hurt. At Spring Hill Urgent Care, we are often visited by patients who ran into an object at work. As a result suffer from a head, neck, foot, or knee injury. Fortunately, it is very easy to prevent those types of injuries by keeping the work environment safe from any hazards that people can easily walk into. Another tip, which may seem mundane and obvious, is simply to stay alert and try not to wander absent-mindedly across the hallways too much.

At our Spring Hill Urgent Care, we accept workers’ compensation insurances and provide the best care to the patients who got hurt at work. We help them get on their feet as safely and as quickly as possible. Contact us today to find out more about our doctors. Walk-ins welcome!

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