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COVID-19 PCR Testing typically takes 2-3 days. We express ship your sample to the lab daily. However, urgent cares have no control over shipping delays, or if the laboratory takes longer to process your sample due to high volumes. We call our patients back promptly as soon as we receive your results. Our first priority is always to serve our patients and community with the utmost care and in a timely manner. We appreciate you kindness and patience with our staff, who work hard everyday testing and caring for sick patients in our community.  Be Well, Stay Safe and Spread Love.

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There’s no need to wait or worry when anyone in your family needs medical care. Whether it’s an illness, injury, a need for an x-ray, lab work, a physical exam or even treatment for an ongoing medical condition, the Lifeguard Urgent Care Center in Spring Hill is here from 9am-7pm Monday – Friday and  10am – 4pm Saturday & Sunday. Just walk in for quick, convenient, expert care.

Our Spring Hill walk in clinic and primary care doctors are here to provide the healthcare services you need at a substantially lower cost than a traditional emergency room; and we accept all major insurance plans. Access to excellent healthcare has never been easier.

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Our team of professionals provides a wide range of healthcare services, all in a friendly, comfortable setting with convenient hours and no appointment needed.

Treatment for Illness & Injuries

Exams & Health Screenings

X-Rays, EKGs and Lab Work

We offer Walk-in Covid-19 testing until capacity is reached for the day. Thank you!


Over the past years, the number of urgent care centers in the United States rapidly increases. There are nearly 7,400 urgent care clinics across America. This is an alternative to the emergency room (ER) in which you need to wait for several hours to receive care or wait for days before you can see a doctor.

The downside of going to an ER is one of the driving factors why urgent care is growing. Most urgent care centers like in Spring Hill walk-in clinic are located in areas that are convenient to homes and workplaces. When you need immediate care, an urgent care center is a place where you can be evaluated and receive medical treatment quickly.

Urgent care centers provide high-quality medical care to patients with an injury or illness that needs immediate medical attention, given that the case is not life-threatening. Standard diagnostic services such as X-rays, blood testing, and electrocardiogram (EKG), are also available making it more convenient to people.


Our team of professionals provides a wide range of healthcare services, all in a friendly, comfortable setting with convenient hours and no appointment needed. We are committed to providing high-quality care to help patients feel better.

Treatment for illnesses injuries

Spring Hill urgent care offers immediate diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of illnesses and injuries

Exams and health screenings

Do you need to undergo a physical examination? We offer different types of medical clearance. 

X-rays, EKGs and Lab Work

We provide state-of-the-art standard diagnostic services without making you wait for hours.


We also accept most secondary insurance plans, worker’s comp, auto insurances, and more!

Don’t have insurance? Don’t worry. We offer special rates for self-paying customers:

$30 Flu Shots | $85 Standard Office Visit | $129 Office Visit w/additional procedure (X-ray, etc.) | $249 Office Visit w/additional procedure (X-ray, etc.) and stitches/staples We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. 

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